A photograph is a window onto both the outside world and the photographer’s spirit. A snapshot seizes an instant, it captures “what is there”, it freezes reality. The photographer interprets that reality; through a picture, he communicates his vision of the world- where some will see miserable weather and rain a photographer might see enchanting reflections in the rain-made puddles, exquisite rays of lights coming trough the clouds and a unique opportunity to capture the genuine expressions of passer-bys caught in the rain. OK, ok, I must admit, umbrella-less, running late on my way to work, wearing ridiculously slippery suede shoes, contemplating the prospect of being squeezed like cattle in the tube and looking like a poodle (and not a pedigree, award winning one- trust me) as soon as I will come out of it to venture in the rain, I don’t marvel at the delightful subtle tones of rainstorm light, I don’t contemplate the beauty of the candy-floss shaped clouds, I don’t revel in seeing my reflection in muddy water- I vociferously curse the English weather in a less-than-lady-like manner and wonder why on earth Napoleon even fought Trafalgar!
Caught up in our daily lives, we don’t always see the beauty surrounding us, we don’t stop to admire the small things which make the world beautiful … but I find that when I am behind my camera, I become very aware of the beauty around me, I marvel at small details which we often pass-by, unaware. The pictures in these galleries are how I see the world and- forgive me for sounding like a hopeless optimist- as I see it, the world is beautiful! I hope that through these pictures you will share my vision of it …

I loan you my eyes... go on, look through them! (I must warn the gentlemen though that they may find themselves "inadvertently" glancing at men's "tushies", kittens, Hermes scarves, footballers' legs, chocolate cake etc !)